Mentor: Lelia Guilbert

Fabric dyer using acid dyes, fiber reactive dyes, Bengala dyes, indigo, and other natural dyes for cotton, silk, rayon, linen, and wool. Uses various methods of resist dyeing such as tie/dye, stitch and pole wrap shibori, clamp resist, and batik using soy wax or paraffin wax.
Silk screener using tradition screen methods from simple single use screens to more complicated screens for color separation, direct application and deconstructed screen printing, and polychromatic screen printing. I also make thermofax screens which are permanent and can be used and reused multiple times. Transfer dyeing on synthetic fabrics such as polyester and poly/cotton using disperse dyes and printing on fabric surface using a clam shell heat press.
Fabric and silk painting and stenciling using fabric paint or paintstiks. Basic sewing, quilting, and fabric manipulation techniques. Design and print simple repeat patterns on fabric.
Will teach classes for children or adults with 3 to 6 participants or work one on one depending on goal for creating surface designs on fabric.
I have a well stocked studio with fabric, dyes, tools, books, and equipment.

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