NOCO Weaving Guild – Fiber Celebration 2020

Fiber Celebration 2020 is a juried fiber show where we exhibit fiber pieces in an art gallery setting for 4 weeks from June 15 through July 12, 2020.  We have the entire main floor of the Carnegie Center for Creativity in Ft. Collins, Colorado, allowing us to pub on a very large exhibit.  Fort Collins is a tourist destination so we get a lot of foot traffic during those 4 weeks.  This is an excellent way to showcase to the public at-large what beautiful work fiber art is.  We have awards and drawings for prizes – not to mention a fantastic Opening Reception!  For more information, please visit our website and click on the Fiber Celebration tab.  Thank you.
Deborah Lane, ChairFiber Celebration 2020Northern Colorado Weavers Guild

photo courtesy lpeavy

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