As artists, finding our vision, learning new methods, and solving technical problems is an ongoing process. Some of us have formal training; for many of us our expertise is a compilation of life experiences: watching our grandmother knit, seeing a spinning wheel in an old barn, happening upon the sheep shearing at a spring festival. When possible we get serious and take a class and are overcome with excitement and possibilities! But there is always the time alone at home.

What a gift that FRFA can turn a solitary practice into a communal experience. One of the missions of our organization is to find ways to help us share and learn together. Towards that end, we would like to introduce the idea of mentoring.

Several people have offered to be mentors; their names and skills are listed below. Each mentor will let you know his/her availability to help. It may be a ten minute phone call, a Saturday get-together, or advice on resources or the next direction to take. Mentoring should not take the place of a class or paid private session. Often mentoring is simply trouble-shooting. Think of it as a help desk with people you already know!
Send an email to and we will forward your request to the right person. If you would like to be a mentor, please let us know and we will add your name to the list!