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This is a new section that I’m going to try out and see  how it pans out.  I’d like to add different blogs and websites that you find helpful in your fiber pursuit.  If it gets too large, we may have to vote and thin them down but we’ll see how it goes!  I have learned about so many from other people that I never have found by myself.

Starting with:

These are all weaving sites sent by Kathy Dailey (Thank you!):

thewarpandweftblog.blogspot.com.         Laura Thomas of Britain


evasweaving.wordpress.com.           Eva Stossel


Check these out!  If you have  sites you love, send them to me!  I will update these every couple of weeks, separating them by fiber discipline.


Library Corner


Spotlighting in our library this month is the wonderful but alas, no longer published magazine, ‘Sew Beautiful’.

From re-purposing family heirlooms to fashioning wedding finery, these pages are filled with truly beautiful sewing. Whether you’re looking for a quick-and-easy gift idea or planning to spend hours shaping a round lace yoke, these issues have you covered.

We have several years  including some of the special editions of the magazine.


If you see a book you are interested in, let me know and I will bring it to a meeting for you to check out for 30 days (or longer if it hasn’t been requested).  If I’m coming to town, I’m sure we can arrange a meeting to drop it off!    Every month I will be bringing several books that relate to the topic of the program.  You are welcome to look through the books and check one out if you are interested.

If you have fiber related books/and, or magazines that need a new home, we are always accepting donations!  Same with equipment:  looms,  needles and so on…  Remember we are a non-profit organization and it can be used as a tax deduction.


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PROGRAMS for 2017/2018

Date Program Plan and Presenters Hands on Activity

September 7, 2017


Cass Mullane – a creative artist will provide the supplies and show us how to make a piano hinge book.

Contact info: Cass@propercreatively.com




Piano hinge book



October 5, 2017


Terza Ekholm – creative artist with silk. Will provide a demonstration regarding her art with silk

Contact: terza@theterzafactor.com



(Possible silk class later this month if there is enough interest)



November 2, 2017



Elizabeth  Crow – bead artist will discuss her art and provide supplies for everyone to make their own bracelet. Elizabeth has Bead Soup Saturdays that you may participate in for a cost.





Beaded bracelet



December 7, 2017


Linda Logan – paper artist. Will provide all supplies and walk us through a holiday card making program

Contact: lilosartandsoul@gmail.com




Holiday card



January 4, 2018



Kimberlie Griffis – art therapy. Learn how art provides less stress



Art Therapy


February 1, 2018



Elizabeth Hanson – papermaking artist. Elizabeth will walk us through step by step on making our own sheets of paper.

Contact: plantedinpaper@gmail.com







March 1, 2018



Textiles West – Cecelia will present a demonstration regarding their new Epson SureColor printer, which can print on paper, canvas and paper-backed fabrics. Up to 24×44”

Contact: printer@textileswest.org



Demo of large color printer


April 5, 2018


New Hue – Tess Murdoch and Susan Haldeman will present a hands on program for chemical dying. Please wear clothing you do not mind getting dye on.  Bring something small you want to dye or use their supplies.

Contact: tess@newhuetextilestudio.com




Small dye project





Mentor: Lelia Guilbert

Fabric dyer using acid dyes, fiber reactive dyes, Bengala dyes, indigo, and other natural dyes for cotton, silk, rayon, linen, and wool. Uses various methods of resist dyeing such as tie/dye, stitch and pole wrap shibori, clamp resist, and batik using soy wax or paraffin wax.
Silk screener using tradition screen methods from simple single use screens to more complicated screens for color separation, direct application and deconstructed screen printing, and polychromatic screen printing. I also make thermofax screens which are permanent and can be used and reused multiple times. Transfer dyeing on synthetic fabrics such as polyester and poly/cotton using disperse dyes and printing on fabric surface using a clam shell heat press.
Fabric and silk painting and stenciling using fabric paint or paintstiks. Basic sewing, quilting, and fabric manipulation techniques. Design and print simple repeat patterns on fabric.
Will teach classes for children or adults with 3 to 6 participants or work one on one depending on goal for creating surface designs on fabric.
I have a well stocked studio with fabric, dyes, tools, books, and equipment.