NOCO Weaving Guild – Fiber Celebration 2020

Fiber Celebration 2020 is a juried fiber show where we exhibit fiber pieces in an art gallery setting for 4 weeks from June 15 through July 12, 2020.  We have the entire main floor of the Carnegie Center for Creativity in Ft. Collins, Colorado, allowing us to pub on a very large exhibit.  Fort Collins is a tourist destination so we get a lot of foot traffic during those 4 weeks.  This is an excellent way to showcase to the public at-large what beautiful work fiber art is.  We have awards and drawings for prizes – not to mention a fantastic Opening Reception!  For more information, please visit our website and click on the Fiber Celebration tab.  Thank you.
Deborah Lane, ChairFiber Celebration 2020Northern Colorado Weavers Guild

photo courtesy lpeavy

Of Note!


The Of NOTE section contains different blogs and websites that you find helpful in your fiber pursuit.   I have learned about these websites from so many other people that I  have never found by myself.

These are all weaving sites sent by Kathy Dailey (Thank you!):         Laura Thomas of Britain           Eva Stossel

Check these out!  If you have  sites you love, send them to me!  I will update these every couple of weeks, separating them by fiber discipline.


Library Corner


Spotlighting in our library this month is the wonderful but alas, no longer published magazine, ‘Sew Beautiful’.

From re-purposing family heirlooms to fashioning wedding finery, these pages are filled with truly beautiful sewing. Whether you’re looking for a quick-and-easy gift idea or planning to spend hours shaping a round lace yoke, these issues have you covered.

We have several years  including some of the special editions of the magazine.


If you see a book you are interested in, let me know and I will bring it to a meeting for you to check out for 30 days (or longer if it hasn’t been requested).  If I’m coming to town, I’m sure we can arrange a meeting to drop it off!    Every month I will be bringing several books that relate to the topic of the program.  You are welcome to look through the books and check one out if you are interested.

If you have fiber related books/and, or magazines that need a new home, we are always accepting donations!  Same with equipment:  looms,  needles and so on…  Remember we are a non-profit organization and it can be used as a tax deduction.